With 40 years of innovation, invention, reinvention and experience playing bass and perfecting sound, PHIL JONES has crazy-like passion and knowledge yielding ground breaking designs and award-winning sound products... along with some great company. Famous customers. Once-in-a-lifetime accolades. Studios like Abbey Road. Jazz pianists like Bob James. Bassists like Pino Palladino. Legends like Bob Babbitt. Composer/bassists like Kyle Eastwood. Magazine covers like Stereophile.

Sound This Big is Pure Passion. But you don't have to pay $275K for Pure Sound.

It takes a lot of passion...and knowledge to build speakers like this. Scaled to size, the picture shows Phil's Air Pulse speakers: over 7ft tall, more than 1,200 lbs. per speaker and $275K per pair. 3D-like sound that has been heralded as "the best sounding speaker in the 100 year history of loudspeakers." The point? To take sound reproduction to another level. The irony is that Phil is ridiculously practical and wants to deliver the very best sounding and well-built products to everyone. You shouldn't have to be rich to enjoy Pure Sound. Live Sound. Studio Sound. Home Sound. Worship Sound. Phil Jones Pure Sound.

The Truth About Pure Sound. Misconceptions can hinder our sound sensibilities.

There are many myths, misnomers and mistakes about sound and how really great sound is achieved. We've authored a series of white papers to help everyone understand how we approach Pure Sound. The more you know about sound, the more you can enjoy music. Please check back often, as we will be adding new white papers regularly. "I had no idea little speakers could produce such full bass. I grew up thinking you had to have really big speakers to do that." Anonymous Registered Phil Jones Bass amp Owner

Studio Monitors: What You've Been Missing. Nothing. Perfect for the studio.

A lot of A-list artists, engineers and studios use monitors designed by Phil Jones. Recording is part passion, part art - comprising a sonic canvas of uncolored sounds. That's what our monitors help create. No wonder studios like Abbey Road, Grammy Award-winning producers like Jeff Weber, and composers like Bob James use monitors by Phil Jones. “I love my speakers from Phil Jones. They are the only ones I use in both my studio and my home.” Bob James, Composer/Pianist, Fourplay.