To meet the demand for affordable high performance audio-video cables, Designer Audio successfully launched audio-video cables in 2003 under its brand name ‘DAC’. After creating its strong brand image with tremendous recall value, along with BYFORD AUDIO and VUEGUARD, VUEMAX brand was launched to fulfil the growing demand for Motorised, Fixed Frame & Perforated Projection Screens.

VUEMAX offers Laminated Matte White Projection Screens in Motorised, Fixed & Woven/Perforated formats. The screens are made of typically four layers: 1) Photosensitive Material Layer: Best white diffusion material, not absorbing light itself, but reflecting the light rays receiving uniformly. 2) Transparent Layer. 3) Base Layer: FYD super-strong fabric layer. 4) After Layer Fabric: black PVC film laminate.

Main Features: • Image Performance: True and accurate reduction performance of colours, smooth image, wide angle range of visibility. • Uniform brightness and no bright spots; uniform proliferation. • Performance of fabric surface: smooth fabric surface, no smell, crease resistance, flame retardation and cleanable. • Performance Parameter: Gain: 1.1; Visual Angle 2a:100"; Thickness of fabric surface: 0.45mm.

DAC, BYFORD AUDIO, VUEMAX and VUEGUARD brands were all launched after extensive research and direct tie-up with reputed international manufacturers, having ISO9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004, RoHS, UKAS, CE, CCC certifications, state-of-the-art R&D and technologically most advanced plants and equipments. What's more significant is that all these products are designed and exclusively manufactured to suit the Indian environment and customer's requirements. As a result, Designer Audio is not only able to offer these products with amazing quality, but also at amazingly reasonable prices ... and the pre and post sales service offered is incomparable!